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Post Post Sport Roll Guide

If you're not too familiar with how to roll with your Sport Foam Roller, the Post Post Sport Roll Guide may help.


Roll #1 – IT Band


Roll #1 – IT Band 

Position the foam roller such that you are rolling from your hip area to your knee towards the outside of each leg. It's best to maintain your body at a 45º to 60º angle to the ground to ensure you don't put too much strain on the muscle. Plant your arms and shift your body weight to your legs, pulling and pushing with your arms to complete the roll. Add in knee bends at the middle of the roll for added stretching.



Roll #2 – Glutes


Roll #2 – Glutes

Plant your arms on the ground behind you as you sit angled on the foam roller. Your legs should be bent at the knee from 45º to 90º. Roll from the bottom of your glutes up to about your tailbone. A couple variations: you can keep your legs straight in front of you as you roll in order to give more slack to your glutes, or cross one leg over the other as if you were seated cross-legged to apply more tension to your glutes for a more intense stretch.



Roll #3 – Quads


Roll #3 – Quadriceps

Lying on your front, place the foam roller between your knees on the ground. With your hands planted in front of you, roll up to the bottom of your hips. Keep your legs straight and use your arms to pull & push. For added tension, add in knee bends during the middle of the roll.



Roll #4 – Hip Flexor


 Roll #4 – Hip Flexor

Lying on your front, place the foam roller between your right hip and the ground, and bend your left leg at approximately a 90º angle (as a means of keeping it out of the way). Keep your right leg straight and extended, with toes pointed. Plant your forearms in a plank position, and use them to roll out your hip flexors. Repeat this same action on the other hip.