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Post Post Publications

Post Post Publications is an independent small-run zine publisher based in New York City.


Post Post Publications, Article 8

Fantastic Men
by Chris Black

Published October 2018
289mm x 380mm, 40 pages
Printed on 55gsm newsprint in the UK
First edition of 100

Info from the artist: Fantastic Men celebrates the personal style of some of Chris Black's favorite men.


Post Post Publications, Article 7

New York Street Style
by Sirui Ma

Published July 2018
15cm x 18.5cm, 92 pages, Wire-bound
Book design by Adam Ridgeway
Edition of 50

Info from the artist: 85 photos and locations in New York City, from 2016 – 2018.


Post Post Publications, Article 6

by Cobey Arner

Published April 2018
6" x 9", 64 pages, Perfect-bound
Edition of 50

Info from the artist: Tour is a compilation of photos taken over the course of 5 months during the summer and fall of 2017. Shot all on 35mm film, this is the first time I had ventured outside of digital photography. Locations range from Denmark, to London, to Korea, to the coasts of California. I was drawn to the similarities between varying cultures and countries through recurring subjects like flora, fashion, automobiles, and architecture.


Post Post Publications, Article 5

Reflections on Indoor Living
by Guy Ferguson

Published July 2017
6" x 9", 40 pages, Saddle-stitched
Edition of 50

Info from the artist: A series of plants behind glass photographed over five years and presented chronologically.


Post Post Publications, Article 4

Cat Report, No. 1
by Angelo Spagnolo

Published February 2017
8" x 10", 88 pages, Perfect-bound
Edition of 50

Info from the artist: Cat Report is a magazine about cats created by people who love cats.


Post Post Publications, Article 3

Keys in a plastic bag hidden behind the TV
by Owen Dodd

Published December 2016
6" x 9", 20 pages, Saddle-stitched
Edition of 50

Info from the artist: The book is a collection of images exploring the strangeness and misdirection that come along with navigating foreign territory. The photos treat common objects as landmarks, shifting them from the narrative periphery to the main subject matter.


Post Post Publications, Article 2

Running Water
by Sirui Ma

Published November 2016
5" x 8", 78 pages, Perfect-bound
Edition of 50

Info from the artist: In a Chinese proverb, the passage of time is analogous to running water. This book is an attempt at collecting time. Photographs from a trip home. China, summer 2016.


Post Post Publications, Article 1

Screenthoughts, Volume 1 and Volume 2
by Amardeep Singh and Sophia Callahan

Published October 2016
5.5" x 8.5", Saddle-stitched
Edition of 15

Info from the artist: A monthly zine documenting each artist's experiences on the web through refined analysis of their screenshots folder.